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1. Conscious perception with full awareness.
2. The process of understanding by which newly observed qualities of an object are related to past experience.

[New Latin apperceptiō, apperceptiōn- : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin perceptiō, perception; see perception.]

ap′per·cep′tive (-sĕp′tĭv) adj.
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Adj.1.apperceptive - able to relate new percepts to past experience
perceptive - having the ability to perceive or understand; keen in discernment; "a perceptive eye"; "a perceptive observation"
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Despite, however, his emphasis on the actualization of mindedness in rule-following as a rationally endorsable achievement, Hegel also notes a persistent difficulty or lack of transparency that attaches to the achievement of apperceptively unified, rule-following discursive consciousness.
Human intelligence was born with the capacity to deliberately deceive, exaggerate, tell half-truths and prevaricate, and to also apperceptively recognize when one is being deceived by imagining the possibilities of truth behind the deception.
Listening apperceptively to her friend, Woolf was able to accept Smyth's inconsistencies, differences, and social clumsiness, leading her to create an artistic figure who portrays both the failures and triumphs of human interaction.