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The area in the brain that is believed to regulate appetite and food intake.


(Anatomy) a neural control centre within the hypothalamus of the brain that regulates the sense of hunger and satiety
[C20: from appe(tite) + -stat]


(ˈæp əˌstæt)

a presumed region in the human brain that functions to adjust appetite.
[1955–60; appe (tite) + -stat]
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Also, the pectin content of apples suppresses your appetite by tricking your brain's hunger centre (appestat) into believing that you are full, when all you've really eaten is one delicious apple.
We're not in sync with our appestat when we eat, and we don't allow the body to catch up." He adds that many people eat for emotional needs, but such habits can be changed.
Then there is the appestat adjustment: a grilled chicken breast and crisp green salad are not as filling as a burger and fries.