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[Probably French appétence, from Latin appetentia; see appetency.]

ap′pe·tent adj.


having an eager longing or desire
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Adj.1.appetent - marked by eager desire; "a big rich appetent Western city"
desirous, wishful - having or expressing desire for something; "desirous of high office"; "desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem"
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It was determined that; 89.9% of the mothers believed to that professional training is necessary in transition to additional food; 46.7% had difficulty in the transition; 29.5% did not know how much food to give in which food, 17.1% stated that their infants rejected additional food or were in appetent, 17.0% could not decided to foods that might be useful or harmful for their babies, 15.9% had difficulty when preparing food suitable for their infants, 10.8% reported that their infants developed diarrhea.
APPETENT A Eagerly desiring B Works applied to C Express approbation who am I?
[P]endant que le tout cuict ainsi a leur mode, les vieilles femmes (lesquelles, comme j'ay dit, appetent merveilleusement de manger de la chair humaine) estans toutes assembles pour recueillir la graisse qui degoutte le long des bastons de ces grandes et hautes grilles de bois, exhortans les hommes de faire en sorte qu'elles ayent tousjours de telle viande : et en leschans leurs doigts disent, Yguatou, c'est a dire, il est bon.