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[Probably French appétence, from Latin appetentia; see appetency.]

ap′pe·tent adj.
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having an eager longing or desire
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Adj.1.appetent - marked by eager desire; "a big rich appetent Western city"
desirous, wishful - having or expressing desire for something; "desirous of high office"; "desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem"
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It was determined that; 89.9% of the mothers believed to that professional training is necessary in transition to additional food; 46.7% had difficulty in the transition; 29.5% did not know how much food to give in which food, 17.1% stated that their infants rejected additional food or were in appetent, 17.0% could not decided to foods that might be useful or harmful for their babies, 15.9% had difficulty when preparing food suitable for their infants, 10.8% reported that their infants developed diarrhea.
APPETENT A Eagerly desiring B Works applied to C Express approbation who am I?