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Noun1.appetiser - food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)appetiser - food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)
course - part of a meal served at one time; "she prepared a three course meal"
antipasto - a course of appetizers in an Italian meal
canape - an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory food
cocktail - an appetizer served as a first course at a meal
hors d'oeuvre - a dish served as an appetizer before the main meal
crudites - raw vegetables cut into bite-sized strips and served with a dip
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مُشَهّـهِ، مُـفَـبِّـل
lystauki, lystaukandi forréttur


(ˈӕpitait) noun
a desire for food. Exercise gives you a good appetite.
ˈappetizer, ˈappetiser noun
(especially American) something eaten or drunk before or at the beginning of a meal in order to increase the appetite. They ate smoked salmon as an appetizer.
ˈappetizing, ˈappetising adjective
which increases the appetite. an appetizing smell.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-September 14, 2018-Swander Pace Capital Acquires Flavoured Appetiser Producer Fine Choice Foods
Add ranch dressing to a mashed-up avocado for a dipping sauce for crackers or crudites when you need to bring an appetiser to a party.
But it needn't be that way, says Susannah Blake, author of new book 500 Appetisers. "Good timing is key to the perfect appetiser," she explains.
"Choosing an impressive, yet hassle-free appetiser means you can concentrate on getting the main course and dessert just right, knowing the appetiser will keep everyone happy while you stay cool, calm and collected," she says.
Fontburn: Black Fritz, Appetiser, Vivas, Dawsons Olive.
Digging into appetisers, all sorts of seafood salads, steaks, sushi, burgers, grilled kabab, chicken sweet and sour, and risotto among many others plates, not to forget the deserts with all the colours of the rainbow, is all what is needed to satisfy all tastes and desires.