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Noun1.appetite suppressant - a drug that suppresses appetiteappetite suppressant - a drug that suppresses appetite  
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
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The finding suggests that people seeking to lose weight should eat the high protein foods that are rich in these key amino acids - including pork shoulder, chicken, mackerel, lentils and almonds - and it could lead to the development of new appetite suppressant drugs that target tanycytes.
A recent trend among consumers of viewing protein as an effective appetite suppressant and energy booster has further helped jerky to be perceived as a smart snacking option," Euromonitor notes.
GelStat noted that its initial marketing drive will concentrate on the re-launch of patented homeopathic migraine pain reliever GelStat Migraine and the initial launch of all-natural appetite suppressant chewing gum Chews 2 Lose.
Dietician Dr Carrie Ruxton said: "This study adds to a growing evidence base which suggests that eggs may indeed be nature's appetite suppressant.
AFRICAN Mango is thought to act as a natural appetite suppressant, supporting weight loss when taken as part of a healthy diet.
Of these antioxidants, those of most significance are quinic acid, known for its antiviral properties, chlorogenic acid, recognized for its properties as an appetite suppressant, and ferulic acid, a clinically proven anti-inflammatory.
Finally, for weight management, ProLine offers Thermo Triplex, which combines a patented appetite suppressant with thermogenic compounds.
Summary: Fiorentina striker Adrian Mutu has been suspended until October for testing positive for a banned appetite suppressant.
Ephedrine is a stimulant, often used as an appetite suppressant.
And he said Burner Balm attempted to capitalise on the slimming properties associated with two of its key ingredients - green tea and hoodia extract, which is believed to be an appetite suppressant.
Ponson's agent, Barry Praver, said in a statement: "During the offseason, Sidney consulted with a physician about weight loss and was prescribed a common appetite suppressant.
Green mate is traditionally used in folk medicine for its stimulant, diuretic and appetite suppressant effects.