apple fritter

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fritter - fritter containing sliced appleapple fritter - fritter containing sliced apple  
fritter - small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables
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19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop is celebrating the arrival of Fall with the addition of the new Apple Pie Fritter, Apple Fritter Timbit and Hot Apple Cider Supreme to its lineup of harvest beverages and baked goods.
My better half had aromatic braised pork belly with a bubble and squeak cake, black pudding and apple fritter.
As Granny continued on her way, she sang, "Five apples for one delicious apple pie, four apples for one sweet apple tart, three apples for one scrumptious apple cobbler, and two apples for one yummy apple fritter.
Apple Fritter ice cream features sweet cream ice cream, mixed with chunks of real apples and cinnamon, is the first Tim Hortons-inspired ice cream flavor created by Cold Stone Creamery since the two chains joined forces in early 2009.
Its focus is on choices, comparing the amount of exercise needed to counteract an apple fritter, cake donut and a donut hole.
Some win, some lose, but Southampton's biggest fan is always great company, especially after half a dozen pints of apple fritter and a bottle of rouge.
In the case of an 1,100-calorie mondoburger - or an 840-calorie apple fritter or a 510-calorie white chocolate mocha - sticker shock can be healthy if consumers use calorie information to guide their selection of menu items.
He said he came home one evening after a day "on the town"--a trip to a nearby Tim Horton's where he spent two hours nurturing a coffee and an apple fritter while reading the paper.
Starters included parsnip and honey soup with a sour apple fritter with port reduction, chicken and mixed pepper kebab, mung bean and straw mushroom salad and Italian spiced duck confit - all fairly priced at around a fiver.
Blueberry fritters now provide an alternative to Winchell's popular apple fritter, which made its debut 40 years ago.
And if that's not enough, brownies, which originated in Switzerland, as well as another Swiss classic, an apple fritter floating in a creme chantilly sauce, completed the meal.
What could be appealing about a bear with an apple fritter in his mouth?