apple juice

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fruit crush, fruit juice - drink produced by squeezing or crushing fruit
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jus de pomme
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Tree Top first began producing frozen apple juice concentrate in 1963, which was developed to meet the demand for a juice that could be economically shipped to any market around the nation.
Gao Liang, founder and Chairman of China Haisheng, said: "The acquisition is a significant development for China Haisheng in view of the recovery of the global apple juice concentrate industry.
In order to understand the mechanism of inactivation of bacteria by RFEFs, USDA-ARS scientists inoculated apple juice purchased from a wholesale distributor with E.
300g/11oz bananas; 300g/11oz peaches; 175g/6oz strawberries; 200ml/7fl oz apple juice
The stable [sup.206]Pb tracer ([sup.206]Pb[CO.sub.3], 99.66% [sup.206]Pb enriched, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD) was prepared as described above, except that apple juice was used in place of sterile saline as the carrier/diluent.
Lead researcher Erdogan Ceylan, M.S., reported that in apple juice samples inoculated with about one million E.
Pour 1 tablespoon of water or apple juice (per apple) in the bottom of the dish.
A few hours ahead of time, pour apple juice into an ice cube tray and freeze.
On October 30, 1996, the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health and the Washington State Department of Health reported an outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 infections epidemiologically associated with drinking Odwalla brand unpasteurized apple juice or Odwalla juice mixtures containing apple juice from a coffee shop chain, grocery stores, or other locations.
After the juice is pressed, another enzyme further depectinizes and clarifies the apple juice. As the fruit ages during storage, changes in texture occur and apples lose their firmness.
To usher in the New Year, pour sparkling apple juice over cranberry juice concentrate for a bubbling aperitif.
Summary: Looking at the current market trends as well as the promising demand status of the "Apple Juice Market", it can be projected that the future years will bring out positive outcomes.