apple rust

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: rust - rust fungus causing rust spots on apples and pears etcapple rust - rust fungus causing rust spots on apples and pears etc
rust fungus, rust - any of various fungi causing rust disease in plants
genus Gymnosporangium, Gymnosporangium - genus of fungi that produce galls on cedars and other conifers of genera Juniperus and Libocedrus and causes rust spots on apples and pears and other plants of family Rosaceae
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Goldrush' trees are prone to cedar apple rust, but they're highly resistant to powdery mildew and apple scab disease.
Crabapples, like eating apples, are generally susceptible to fire blight, powdery mildew, cedar apple rust and scab diseases.
Also, some varieties have been developed that are resistant to some of the common disease problems, apple scab, fire blight, and cedar apple rust.
I have identified apple rust on crab trees, blueberry rust on blueberry bushes and even some sort of round ulcer on the more than 100-year-old ivy.
It's resistant to cedar apple rust, and appears to be less subject to damage from codling moth larvae due to its thick, tough skin.