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adj. Informal
1. Perfect; exemplary: put the room in apple-pie order.
2. often apple pie Of, relating to, or marked by values regarded as distinctively American: "Family, neighborhood, community are apple pie virtues, unassailable and unavoidable in political rhetoric" (Ronald Brownstein).


pertaining to or embodying traditional American values: the apple-pie fun of family get-togethers.


[ˈæplˈpaɪ] ADJ in apple-pie orderen perfecto orden
to make sb an apple-pie bed (Brit) → hacerle la petaca a algn
see also apple
References in classic literature ?
He kept his ship in apple-pie order, which would have been seamanlike enough but for a finicking touch in its details.
The hunters have experimented and practised with their rifles and shotguns till they are satisfied, and the boat-pullers and steerers have made their spritsails, bound the oars and rowlocks in leather and sennit so that they will make no noise when creeping on the seals, and put their boats in apple-pie order--to use Leach's homely phrase.
You can't tell whether you are eating apple-pie or German sausage, or strawberries and cream.