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n. Informal
The seeking of favor through flattery; obsequiousness.

ap′ple-pol′ish·ing adj.
ap′ple-pol′ish·er n.
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Informal. One who flatters another excessively:
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Journalist Ameer Abbas also showed his respect for the Prime Minster, writing, 'True democracy, true leadership, no luxuriousness, no circle of sycophants and apple-polishers, no protocol, true public servant not ruler, simple and humble style of politics.'
They are often called bootlickers, apple-polishers, yes men, crawlers or even parasites.
This sort of freedom charter is only possible, of course, because Labour has a Commons majority of 179, which means that a double-decker full of Mr Blair's toothless apple-polishers could drive over Beachy Head and no-one would notice.