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odorous - having odor or a characteristic odor; "odorous jasmine flowers"; "odorous garbage"; "fresh odorous bread"
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Lift the odd paving slab on paths and replace with gravel planted with the non-flowering apple-scented camomile Chamaemelum nobile Treneague and lemon-scented thyme.
The nourishing apple-scented cream is travel-sized--this way you won't forget your apple-a-day skin supplement.
The Aussie Kids Dora the Explorer hair care line includes seven SKIN--three all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash formulas; a pair of 2-in-11 shampoo and conditioner formulations; a coconut-scented conditioner; and an apple-scented detangler with a leave-in conditioner.
On a Thursday evening last summer, a smartly dressed crowd, most of them students, smoked apple-scented narghiles, or water pipes, their eyes glued to Syrian soap operas playing on big screens or make your way over to Saahat al-Hatab, the main square of Al-Jdeida and maybe the most pleasant section of town.