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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - having the general shape of an apple
circular, round - having a circular shape
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TechnoShape is perfect for women wanting to get rid of stomach fat after pregnancy; sportsmen and women who are looking to define their abdominals for professional or amateur competition; apple-shaped men and women with excess fat around the stomach and waist.
Tracking 2,600 women over 18 years, the study revealed "apple-shaped" women were three times more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and strokes in later life.
[USA], July 1 (ANI): Every woman desires to have a perfect hourglass figure, but a recent study has revealed that postmenopausal pear-shaped women are healthier than apple-shaped women.
These bear delicious apple-shaped fruit with classic, blotchy pear skin and a sweet taste somewhere between the two fruits.
Maloney argues that in the Gansler case, the Democratic candidate for governor "mimicked the (Montgomery County Education Association's) apple ballot with an apple-shaped ballot of its own listing a slate of statewide candidates it claimed were "supported by teachers."
WOMEN with an apple-shaped body are more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who are pear-shaped, says a report.
For years, the most common female shape was the pear, storing fat more around the bum and thighs, but a survey has found that more than 80 per cent of us are now apple-shaped - storing weight mainly round our tummies.
Unit owners have exclusive access to personalized amenities in the development's three-level central amenity area which contains a fitness center, viewing room, a study and library area, a swimming pool, basketball and badminton courts, and The Orchard, a unique apple-shaped slide tower as the highlight of the children's playground.
Check out the new limited-edition scent from the ongoing Nina Ricci apple-shaped range, inspired by candy, Alice in Wonderland and Hansel and Gretel.
The new vessels will have apple-shaped tanks as part of the Sayaringo series of tanks, which have greater LNG-carrying capacity.