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Noun1.applemint - mint with apple-scented stems of southern and western Europeapplemint - mint with apple-scented stems of southern and western Europe; naturalized in United States
mint - any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers
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As well as containing all the botanicals used in their famous Rock Rose recipe, the gin contains three additional herbs - sweet cicely, which grows beside hedgerows around the castle, applemint from local forest areas and bog myrtle, which is sourced from around the walls of the castle itself.
Other companies like Greatmist and Applemint were also run by the couple during that time and accounts were opened for all of them.
When it comes to the more rampant applemint, peppermint and the common spearmint, keep the roots restricted in a pot, preferably sunk up to its rim in the border, otherwise its roots will run throughout the garden like a weed.