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Noun1.applied scientist - a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problemsapplied scientist - a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
aeronautical engineer - an engineer concerned with the design and construction of aircraft
aerospace engineer - an engineer of aircraft and space vehicles
army engineer, military engineer - a member of the military who is trained in engineering and construction work
automotive engineer - an engineer concerned with the design and construction of automobiles
civil engineer - an engineer trained to design and construct and maintain public works (roads or bridges or harbors etc.)
electrical engineer - a person trained in practical applications of the theory of electricity
marine engineer, naval engineer - a naval officer responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship's engines
mechanical engineer - a person trained to design and construct machines
metallurgical engineer, metallurgist - an engineer trained in the extraction and refining and alloying and fabrication of metals
mining engineer - an engineer concerned with the construction and operation of mines
coder, computer programmer, programmer, software engineer - a person who designs and writes and tests computer programs
rocket engineer, rocket scientist - an engineer who builds and tests rockets
surveyor - an engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures
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On those same days and time -- and price -- there is also Fashion Illustration for ages 13 and above, by instructor Yang Soon Ju, who is an artist, designer and applied scientist from Korea.
Sometimes the work of an applied scientist is not published in the formal sense, but undergoes sufficient peer review before the principles are utilised in the management of athletes or players.
The award is made annually to the most outstanding woman engineer, applied scientist or IT professional who has achieved chartered status within 12 months of 1 July 2012.
As an applied scientist, I enthusiastically endorse R&D to improve all potential contributors to our future energy supply and energy conservation.
When I asked Dr Akasaki how and when an applied scientist should consider abandoning a research path that seems unlikely to bear fruit, he remained resolute that, for him, quitting was simply not an option!
Politically, scientism functions as an ideology of arrogance which places the scientist (correction: in the case of much of today's Muslim world, one should rather say, "the applied scientist"; even better: "the technician") upon a pedestal, thereby intimidating the common citizen who is dazzled, puzzled, and often dislocated by technology.
Moreover, when one of these scientists retires, it is a struggle for their department to replace him with a similar applied scientist. Many times the position is either eliminated or the retiree is replaced with a more basic research scientist.
David Carpenter, vice president of Vector Fields, and David Miller, senior applied scientist at the Magnequench Technology Center.
Therefore, Lund paints a picture of the general as an applied scientist, almost worthy of a degree in animal husbandry.
Jarvis introduces several approaches that serve the applied scientist well--case study, action research, collaborative arrangements, and the use of documents and surveys.
"The public land manager's role is changing from that of an applied scientist to that of a diplomat, and the cruiser's vest has been replaced by a briefcase," says State Forester Tom Quink.

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