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A decoration or ornament, as in needlework, made by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another.
tr.v. ap·pli·quéd, ap·pli·qué·ing, ap·pli·qués
To decorate by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another.

[French, past participle of appliquer, to apply, from Latin applicāre, to affix; see apply.]
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(əˈpliːkeɪd) or


(Art Terms) made or decorated using appliqué
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appliquéd [əˈpliːkeɪd] adj [design, motif] → en appliqué; [cushion, bedspread] → en appliqué
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Elaine machine quilted randomly spaced horizontal lines across the background and spirals on the appliqued circles.
Referring to Stitch & Flip in Quilt Basics and to Diagram l-B, join E to corner of appliqued A as shown to complete section.
Quilt in the ditch around all of the appliqued units and the appliqued bias strips.
The jacket is lavishly appliqued using gold lame with metallic-brown stippling outlines.
Karen Sievert's PRAIRIE-POINT PIZZAZZ: QUILTS WITH NEW DIMENSION (9781604660638, $24.99) offers 10 unique projects and teaches how to make large prairie points that conceal a novelty print or appliqued motif.
There are quick practice projects, blocks that can be easily hand appliqued, and more in an outstanding new title highly recommended.
Woolrich expanded its blanket line with curtains, Ultrasuede bedskirts, appliqued pillows and new jacquard fabrics in authentic American Indian designs from Sunbury Textiles.
To assemble the front section, first pin appliqued front to one lining, wrong sides together Stitch along the outside edge; trim (do not trim at shoulders until the front and back sections are joined).
All of the dots on the dominoes are applied with fusible web and then machine appliqued. Be patient when cutting out and stitching the dots so they end up nice and circular rather than wonky.
Paula captured two symbols of spring in this small appliqued wall hanging or table topper, and her use of felted wool to make the rabbit and flowers lends it a tactile, dimensional appeal.
The traditional little sunbonnet figure familiar to so many takes on new life in this set of original designs of appliqued and embroidered sunbonnet figures who appear in blocks, borders, or as part of scenes in Betty Alderman's PRECIOUS SUNBONNET QUILTS (9781574329513, $24.95).