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Relating to or filled by appointment: an appointive office.


chiefly US relating to or filled by appointment: an appointive position.


(əˈpɔɪn tɪv)

pertaining to or filled by appointment: an appointive office.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Adj.1.appointive - relating to the act of appointing; "appointive powers"
2.appointive - subject to appointment
elected, elective - subject to popular election; "elective official"
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Under Section 10, Article 16 of the Malacanang-endorsed BTC version of BBL, 'officials holding appointive positions shall continue to perform their functions in accordance with schedule' under the plan to be crafted by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA).
The President would not hold any elective or appointive office with political parties.
A declaration that the nomination by the President and approval by the National Assembly of persons for the Cabinet Secretaries' positions was done in contravention of the principal of rule of law and good governance in total disregard of Article 27 on equality and equal opportunities including the requirement that an appointive body should not have more than two-thirds of persons of the same gender," reads a court document filed the group.
6770, or the Ombudsman Act of 1989, confers upon the Ombudsman the disciplinary jurisdiction over all elective and appointive officials of the government and its subdivisions, instrumentalities and agencies, including members of the Cabinet, of local governments, and of government-owned or -controlled corporations and their subsidiaries, except over officials who may be removed only by impeachment or over members of Congress and the judiciary.
THE KOWA Party said on Monday it would organise a supplementary state congress, to achieve it's 30 percent affirmative action in appointive positions for women in the party.
He said drug testing shall remain a requirement for initial entry to government service for appointive public officials and employees.
Whoever wins could remain as commissioner for a long time, elected again and again to an office that ought to be appointive.
The GEM award (for "going the extra mile") recognizes those members who have recently relinquished an important, national-level, AMT appointive office or position of leadership after many years of distinguished service.
While I appreciate the offer to 'keep me in mind' if I was interested in a new, appointive public service position at some point in the future, I have decided that I will not tender my resignation at this time," Akin wrote in a letter to Patrick dated Tuesday.
Oftentimes, incumbent appointive public officials resort to this particular provision to maximize their stay in their positions and enjoy the perks, benefits and privileges of their office," Roman said.
Marines in World War II, is a mother, grandmother, poet, painter, writer and has held several elective and appointive positions in her town; she was the first female selectman.
com)-- The MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors (BOV), an appointive board of volunteers dedicated to advancing the initiatives of M.