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tr.v. ap·posed, ap·pos·ing, ap·pos·es
To place in proximity; juxtapose.

[Probably ad- + -pose (as in compose).]
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Some procure themselves, to be surprised, at such times as it is like the party that they work upon, will suddenly come upon them; and to be found with a letter in their hand, or doing somewhat which they are not accustomed; to the end, they may be apposed of those things, which of themselves they are desirous to utter.
Nauman Wazir Khattak regretted that opposition had apposed the bill further to amend the Islamabad High Court Act 2010 despite the fact that it had been passed by the standing committee.
"And I realised at that point in time that it's actually possible to go and make a film as apposed to what you grew up with in the 80s, you know Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones, all the big budget ones you need $50 million and Ben Affleck to make.
However, the Chairman CDA Ishrat Ali wrote a letter to CADD ministry and apposed the move in which the assets were transferred to the MCI.
Senior state prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki told Justice Stella Mutuko that they are also apposed to a bid by the two to cross-examine the investigating officer.
Excessive hernial sac was excised and margins apposed using number 2/0 Polypropylene in a simple interrupted pattern.
Kissing nevus of eyelid is a rare form of congenital nevus which occurs on adjacent parts of upper and lower eyelid in such a manner that it appears as a single large nevus when eyelids are apposed together.
We are getting him a new bed and a wardrobe, but wondered whether to apply simple shelves either side of his bed, so he can just put a book or a water glass on there, as apposed to the piles of junk he currently accumulates on his bedside tables.
She later discovered the Hindu saying "All creation is a sport of my mad mother Kali (the goddess)." As apposed to the cockney expression implying something other and highly unusual, apparently.