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1. Grammar
a. A construction in which a noun or noun phrase is placed with another as an explanatory equivalent, both having the same syntactic relation to the other elements in the sentence; for example, Copley and the painter in The painter Copley was born in Boston.
b. The relationship between such nouns or noun phrases.
2. A placing side by side or next to each other.
3. Biology The growth of successive layers of a cell wall.

[Middle English apposicioun, from Latin appositiō, appositiōn-, from appositus, past participle of appōnere, to put near; see apposite.]

ap′po·si′tion·al adj.
ap′po·si′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.appositional - relating to or being in apposition; "an appositive noun"
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[ˌæpəˈzɪʃənl] ADJaposicional
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For many of the NSCLC and melanoma samples, a distinctive PD-L1 expression pattern was noted, being present or absent either at the leading edge or margin of the tumor mass or appositionally associated with tumor cells in the stroma microenvironment (Figure 7, A through C).
Hiromi Yoshida (2006: 1) ci spiega che "[ajlthough the ontogenetic and the phylogenetic approaches seem appositionally focused, they share the basic assumption that the alienated individual psyche can be resuscitated only after its severed connection with the past has been restored."