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Of, relating to, or being in apposition.
n. Grammar
A word or phrase that is in apposition.

ap·pos′i·tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.appositively - in an appositive manner; "this adjective is used appositively"
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Like Saturn's description of his "sad breast" as the center of his new identity, the Dreamer is his "fever." More significantly still, Moneta employs "fever of thyself" appositively to gloss "dreaming thing." In doing so, she aligns dreamers with those whose selves are defined by their sickness.
Sue Vice responds appositively when she distinguishes the affectivity of Lowry's master-work from the "environmentally amoral" tenor of writings from postmodern gamesters enjoying themselves in the privacy of their funhouses: "his art is not heartless ....
Whatever there is about this secret dissent that makes Adolphe immoral in the eyes of his society also makes him, appositively, an "homme peu sur," which means both an untrustworthy man, but also, here, someone who is not reliably a man.