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An appositive is a noun that serves to describe or rename another noun (or pronoun) that appears directly before it in a sentence.
When an appositive is made up of a noun phrase, it is known as an appositive phrase.
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Of, relating to, or being in apposition.
n. Grammar
A word or phrase that is in apposition.

ap·pos′i·tive·ly adv.
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1. (Grammar) grammar
a. standing in apposition
b. another word for nonrestrictive
2. (Biology) of or relating to apposition
3. (Grammar) of or relating to apposition
(Grammar) an appositive word or phrase
apˈpositively adv
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(əˈpɒz ɪ tɪv)

1. a word or phrase in apposition.
2. of, pertaining to, or placed in apposition.
ap•pos′i•tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.appositive - relating to or being in apposition; "an appositive noun"
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Then, when we're ready, let's set off appositives and parenthetical phrases
"Perspective-Shifting with Appositives and Expressives," Linguistics and Philosophy 32(6): 523-552.
(I just got out my old English book from my one semester in college and found out those words might be called "appositives." Or "synonyms." Or maybe both.
The identity of appreciating heroes is realized mainly through noun phrases as appositives and the use of non-defining relative clauses as post-modifiers.
The early algorithms for bootstrapped semantic lexicon induction exploited the observation that semantically related nouns often co-occur in conjunctions (for example, lions and tigers and bears), lists (for example, lions, tigers, bears ...), appositives (for example, stallions, male horses), and compound nouns (for example, tuna fish).
One of the major conclusions to be drawn from this paper is how fuzzy the boundaries between appositional types are: similar EMs may introduce different types of appositives, and the very same EM may be used in different appositional types at different points in time over the course of the history of the language.
She uses synecdoche, direct address, and figurative appositives to create clusters of association on multiple levels of human experience.
The four repair strategies presented to students are as follows: (a) reread the sentence with the clunk and look for clues (e.g., appositives) to figure out unknown vocabulary; (b) reread the sentences before and after the clunk for other contextual clues; (c) look for affixes and root words in the clunk for clues; (d) determine parts of speech to aid understanding or look for similar words in your first language (cognates).
Their topics include sluicing and the inquisitive potential of appositives, heads must be heard: overtness and ellipsis licensing, syntactic hypotheses about so-called "que-deletion" in French, the inherent syntactic incompleteness of right node raising, and intonation phrases and speech acts.
Both understandably and wrongly, Islam is being studied with the assumption that the present alignment of the political non-appositives "the West and the Muslim world" can be re-forged to become an alignment of appositives. The American interventions in various Muslim countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, has made Russia a special case for all Muslims.