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They can all then make an informed judgment on their investments depending on their appreciation of the situation, Palabrica said.
He said the IOC should be commended for its straightforward appreciation of the situation.
And then IOC should be commended for their straight-forward appreciation of the situation," said Vargas in a statement.
When I was a young officer we used to call the process that we followed to devise a military plan the "Appreciation of the Situation." Our approach evolved from and was very similar to British Army doctrine.
A military commander when run into an emergency situation will conduct an appreciation of the situation. Appreciation was formerly developed by the military to help commanders gain a comprehensive understanding of any fact, problem or situation that it was faced with in battle.
His appreciation of the situation is deep and pragmatic, top sources told M AIL T ODAY .
"If you were not a bit fearful and didn't have a full appreciation of the situation then it would not be normal," he said.
"In the same context, they commended ECOWAS for its pioneering commitment to the side of Mali, its overall accurate and relevant appreciation of the situation, its dynamic mobilization at the international level and, finally, its ability to react promptly and pragmatically," said a joint Moroccan-Senegalese communique released Tuesday in Dakar at the end of the official visit of His Majesty King Senegal.
Commander Coast Vice Admiral Tayyab Ali Dogar again visited the affected areas to have a complete picture and appreciation of the situation for subsequent relief actions.
The Minister gave an in-depth appreciation of the situation and urged the community to come forward and take part in the development efforts in Pakistan in terms of investment or assistance.
Mr Roberts added: "Ieuan Wyn Jones recently visited the area to open the new improved A470 over the Crimea Pass so I am confident that he has a fuller appreciation of the situation in Blaenau Ffestiniog and the other communities along the Conwy Valley so that local aspirations are fulfilled this time."