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v. ap·pre·ci·at·ed, ap·pre·ci·at·ing, ap·pre·ci·ates
1. To recognize the quality, significance, or magnitude of: appreciated their freedom.
2. To be fully aware of or sensitive to; realize: I appreciate your problems.
3. To be thankful or show gratitude for: I really appreciate your help.
4. To admire greatly; value.
5. To raise in value or price, especially over time.
To increase in value or price, especially over time.

[Late Latin appretiāre, appretiāt-, to appraise; see appraise.]

ap·pre′ci·a′tor n.
ap·pre′cia·to′ry (-shə-tôr′ē) adj.
Synonyms: appreciate, value, prize1, esteem, treasure, cherish
These verbs mean to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. Appreciate applies especially to high regard based on critical assessment, comparison, and judgment: As immigrants, they appreciated their newfound freedom.
Value implies high regard for the importance or worth of the object: "In principle, the modern university values ... the free exchange of ideas" (Eloise Salholz).
Prize often suggests pride of possession: "the nonchalance prized by teen-agers" (Elaine Louie).
Esteem implies respect: "If he had never esteemed my opinion before, he would have thought highly of me then" (Jane Austen).
Treasure and cherish stress solicitous care and affectionate regard: We treasure our freedom."They seek out the Salish Indian woman ... to learn the traditions she cherishes" (Tamara Jones).
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Noun1.appreciator - a person who is fully aware of something and understands it; "he is not an appreciator of our dilemma"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
enophile, oenophile - someone who appreciates wine
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had a prompt and bold look, which premised a distinguished appreciator of beauty.
He was a great appreciator. And if John ever wrote you a note of appreciation for something you had written or done, it buoyed you up for weeks.
The Art Of The Aeneid is a fine scholar's resource and can also be enjoyed by any appreciator of the Latin classics and would prove a core addition to academic library Latin Studies reference collections.
For an avid attractive boy appreciator like me, the pickings in the Lone Star state were very slim.
``But it was great fun - I was never an appreciator of classical music and all of a sudden I started listening to it and started to enjoy it.''
The papers in Part II, `Aesthetic Responses: Subjective Differences and the Challenge to Traditional Theories of Appreciation', work to question the notion of a neutral perceiver or appreciator of art and the characterization of aesthetic experience as disinterested and contemplative.
Not an appreciator of the sort of stuff you find in the Tate Modern, which I consider to be pure junk which should be disposed of at a rubbish dump, I thought Turner would be my cup of tea.
Describing herself as a "complete woman appreciator" she claims she has the hots for Colombian singer Shakira.
But what he has written is at every point relevant to the theorist, also to the aesthetic appreciator of art and nature, and to anyone with interest in the aesthetic dimension of cultural artefacts -- in his own or a range of other cultures, past or present.
It turns out that Ellen has always been an appreciator and collector of exceptional furniture pieces, so a few years ago, she thought up this design competition for gifted furniture makers in the States-with impressive results!
Whether you are an avid cyclist, camper, hiker, or a general appreciator of the outdoors, Cocoweb Sport will be the perfect shop for all of your needs.
Consisting of over 4000 items including paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, kachinas, jewelry, rattles, ceramics, baskets and textiles, the collection was amassed by an attorney art appreciator between 1960 and 2010, when it was bequeathed to the University of Oklahoma.