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v. ap·pre·hend·ed, ap·pre·hend·ing, ap·pre·hends
1. To take into custody; arrest: apprehended the murderer.
2. To grasp mentally; understand: "Science is the systematic method by which we apprehend what is true about the real world in which we live" (Richard Dawkins). See Synonyms at understand.
3. To become conscious of, as through the emotions or senses; perceive: "She began to look with her own eyes; to see and to apprehend the deeper undercurrents of life" (Kate Chopin).
4. Archaic To anticipate with worry or dread.
To understand something.

[Middle English apprehenden, from Old French apprehender, from Latin apprehendere, to seize : ad-, ad- + prehendere, to grasp; see ghend- in Indo-European roots.]

ap′pre·hend′er n.
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Adj.1.apprehended - fully understood or graspedapprehended - fully understood or grasped; "dangers not yet appreciated"; "these apprehended truths"; "a thing comprehended is a thing known as fully as it can be known"
understood - fully apprehended as to purport or meaning or explanation; "the understood conditions of troop withdrawal were clear"
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Thus, by knowledge we mean knowledge the knowable; by the knowable, that which is to be apprehended by knowledge; by perception, perception of the perceptible; by the perceptible, that which is apprehended by perception.
The collective sense of the State legislatures can never be influenced by extraneous circumstances of that sort; a consideration which alone ought to satisfy us that the discrimination apprehended would never be attempted.
The truth is, that there is no method of securing to the rich the preference apprehended, but by prescribing qualifications of property either for those who may elect or be elected.
They apprehended my breaking loose; that my diet would be very expensive, and might cause a famine.
Within each of these was enclosed a prodigious plate of steel; which, by our orders, we obliged him to show us, because we apprehended they might be dangerous engines.
I had as I before observed, one private pocket, which escaped their search, wherein there was a pair of spectacles (which I sometimes use for the weakness of mine eyes,) a pocket perspective, and some other little conveniences; which, being of no consequence to the emperor, I did not think myself bound in honour to discover, and I apprehended they might be lost or spoiled if I ventured them out of my possession.
If Crooks and M'Lellan had been exasperated by the insolent conduct of the Sioux Tetons, and the loss which it had occasioned, those freebooters had been no less indignant at being outwitted by the white men, and disappointed of their anticipated gains, and it was apprehended they would be particularly hostile against the present expedition, when they should learn that these gentlemen were engaged in it.
He sent back, therefore, an answer calculated to beguile Lisa, assuring him that he would wait for him at the Poncas village, which was but a little distance in advance; but, no sooner had the messenger departed, than he pushed forward with all diligence, barely stopping at the village to procure a supply of dried buffalo meat, and hastened to leave the other party as far behind as possible, thinking there was less to be apprehended from the open hostility of Indian foes than from the quiet strategy of an Indian trader.
Jose Amarillo, their last hope, a recent convert, who had promised money, had been apprehended at his hacienda in Chihuahua and shot against his own stable wall.
Summary: Cachar (Assam) [India], Aug 18 (ANI): Troops of Assam Rifles on Saturday apprehended a ZUF cadre from Namdailong area of Cachar District in South Assam with arms and ammunition.
In May 2019, more than 84,000 people were apprehended while trying to cross the border with their families, exceeding the number of other apprehended people by 36,000.
MMDA arrests 4,316 litterbugs in 3 months !-- -- Robertzon Ramirez (The Philippine Star) - April 10, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines More than 4,000 litterbugs were apprehended in the intensified anti-littering campaign of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) over the first quarter of this year, an official said yesterday.