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Capable of being understood: apprehensible truths.

ap′pre·hen′si·bly adv.


capable of being comprehended or grasped mentally
ˌappreˌhensiˈbility n
ˌappreˈhensibly adv


(ˌæp rɪˈhɛn sə bəl)

capable of being understood.
[1625–35; < Late Latin]
ap`pre•hen′si•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.apprehensible - capable of being apprehended or understoodapprehensible - capable of being apprehended or understood
comprehendible, comprehensible - capable of being comprehended or understood; "an idea comprehensible to the average mind"
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The next most readily apprehensible element is the clearly lit arched doorway, and then right away a white-uniformed nurse comes through the door, so we have both lighting, color (white) and movement to draw our attention.
That an invented thing is 'real' will be ascertainable by the immediately apprehensible material fact of itself," Elain Scarry states, arguing that a tree "has a materialized existence that is confirmable by vision, touch, hearing, smell; its reality is accessible to all the senses; its existence is thus confirmed within the bodies of the observers themselves.
Most recently, in the novel Mo said she was quirky Kelman achieves the greatest possible distance from the centre of hegemonic masculinity with a female central character, Helen, where significant males have no directly apprehensible existence, only as reported by her.
While this is not the place to offer anything like an adequate account of the social transformations that underpinned 'command under instability' as a structure and stance, it is helpful to make it more apprehensible by citing some of its characteristic moments.
Strategic planning ideal environment is stable, moderate and apprehensible, while today real environment does not have any of these features [13].
It is not clear how often wealthy Qataris and business expatriates, let alone semi-indentured migrant workers, will visit East-West/West-East; on the other hand, the geometry of the forms and the phenomenology of the experience are both apprehensible and open to all, and the road to the site is already well tracked.
They may be evasive ("New Media," "Purgatory, the Film"), where they befuddle their subjects, or apprehensible ("Heaven," "Imaginary Number"), where they gratify them.
Attachment to the local, concrete patria, apprehensible by the bodily senses, so to say, a primordial emotion in every community; this immediately given layer of human existence is able, so to say in a natural way, to evoke strong emotions and passions when, for example, it comes its defence against enemy or natural forces.
In Lewis the lower and preparatory order of light, beauty, and goodness is apprehensible even by animals, and not just the talking ones.
The rise and fall of his hero Okonkwo and the climax of the novel follow a pattern familiar to the Western reader, and the novel is apprehensible in terms of hubris, the tragic-flaw, the father-son relationship, catharsis, and categories of heroism appropriate to the epic tradition.
And in those happy, busy days it seemed an awareness of form was flowing straight from Sallustius into me through a conduit which nothing could block, an awareness of a true and profound form that was inherent, that was apprehensible only after the limits of rhetorical device had been surpassed, past which it would be impossible to claim the rhetorical as ordering the material world, for the rhetorical pervades the material and dissolves it, conceives poetry and reality as one, at once, in an interplay of eternal forces as marvelous a creation as music or algebra.
Like the formalists who Gallagher criticizes for obscuring length by favoring, "a form that can be made apprehensible all at once, in a picture or a fractal," Romney suggests that the age is visible as a picture detached from time (p.