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n. pl. ap·pres·so·ri·a (-sôr′ē-ə)
The flattened tip of a hypha in various species of parasitic fungi, from which a filament emerges that penetrates the host's tissues.

[New Latin appressōrium, from Latin appressus, past participle of apprimere, to press down; see appressed.]


n, pl -ria (-rɪə)
(Botany) botany a flattened hypha of a parasitic fungus that penetrates the host tissues
[from New Latin, from Latin appressus; see appressed]
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Hyphae also can grow from one vessel member to another through perforated end walls as well as directly through secondary wall material by using an appressorium.
The entry of fungi into roots was either directly though the rhizodermis after the formation of a swollen appressorium at the entry point, or through the root hairs (Fig.
Butt (1990) showed that insect cuticle influences all stages of the infection process: adhesion, germination, and appressorium differentiation.
Some hyphae were also seen forming what appear to be an appressorium.
Occasionally a germ tube or immature appressorium is observed which suggests that f urther study is warranted.
This structure, called an appressorium, then produces the probes that penetrate the plant tissue.
Following cuticular penetration via an appressorium, subsequent steps of invasion by both C.