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Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting.
tr.v. (-āt′) ap·pro·pri·at·ed, ap·pro·pri·at·ing, ap·pro·pri·ates
1. To set apart for a specific use: appropriating funds for education.
2. To take possession of or make use of exclusively for oneself, often without permission: My coworker appropriated my unread newspaper.

[Middle English appropriat, from Late Latin appropriātus, past participle of appropriāre, to make one's own : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin proprius, own; see per in Indo-European roots.]

ap·pro′pri·ate·ly adv.
ap·pro′pri·ate·ness n.
ap·pro′pri·a′tive (-ā′tĭv) adj.
ap·pro′pri·a′tor n.
Synonyms: appropriate, arrogate, commandeer, confiscate
These verbs mean to seize for oneself or as one's right: appropriated the family car; arrogated the chair at the head of the table; commandeered a plane for the escape; confiscating stolen property. See Also Synonyms at allocate.
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Noun1.appropriateness - appropriate conductappropriateness - appropriate conduct; doing the right thing
correctitude, properness, propriety - correct or appropriate behavior
inappropriateness, wrongness - inappropriate conduct
2.appropriateness - the quality of being specially suitable
suitability, suitableness - the quality of having the properties that are right for a specific purpose; "an important requirement is suitability for long trips"
felicitousness, felicity - pleasing and appropriate manner or style (especially manner or style of expression)
appositeness, aptness - appropriateness for the occasion; "the phrase had considerable aptness"
just the ticket, ticket - the appropriate or desirable thing; "this car could be just the ticket for a small family"
inappropriateness, unworthiness - the quality of being not particularly suitable or befitting; "he retracted nothing that he had said about the inappropriateness of either a corporeal God or a God who is a person"; "his praise released from her loud protestations of her unworthiness"
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مُلاءَمه، تَناسُب


[əˈprəʊprɪɪtnɪs] Nlo apropiado
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n (= suitability, fittingness)Eignung f; (of dress, remark, name, for a particular occasion)Angemessenheit f
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(əˈprəupriət) adjective
suitable; proper. Her clothes were appropriate to the occasion; Complain to the appropriate authority.
apˈpropriateness noun
apˈpropriately adverb
suitably. appropriately dressed for the occasion.
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