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Noun1.appropriation bill - a legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specified purposeappropriation bill - a legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specified purpose
line item - an item in an appropriation bill; "Some governors can veto line items in their state budgets"
bill, measure - a statute in draft before it becomes law; "they held a public hearing on the bill"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Summary: New Delhi [India], July 17 (ANI): The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed an appropriation bill that allows withdrawal of Rs 98.18 lakh crore from the Consolidated Fund of India to meet the expenditure of the central government for 2019-20.
According to the MCAs, the process of presenting, tabling and moving motions dealing with the Budget, Finance and Appropriation Bill, is the sole mandate of the relevant committee, which was not involved.
18, 2018, but certain extraneous forces such as the Christmas and New Year breaks also affected quick passage of the Appropriation Bill.
For three months, the approval of the national budget or General Appropriation Bill (GAB) was stuck in Congress because the Senate and the House of Representatives could not agree on certain provisions.
The Appropriation Bill for 2019 was submitted to Parliament today.
Fourteen senators voted on Monday to approve the 2019 General Appropriation Bill (GAB) with zero negative votes and abstentions.
The HC also granted time to the Centre till April 12 to reply to the rejoinder filed by ex-CM Rawat in the case in which he had challenged the ordinance which claimed that the state government's appropriation bill was not passed in the state assembly on March 18.
NigeriaaACAOs President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday signed the controversial 2013 appropriation bill into law at a closed door ceremony in his office.
Summary: The 2012 Appropriation Bill provides for creating 26,204 jobs and allocating 13.2 billion dirhams to implement the commitment made as part of the social dialogue, Economy and Finance Minister Nizar Baraka said on Thursday.
Summary: Rabat - The House of Representatives (Lower House) passed, during a plenary session on Wednesday, the 2011 appropriation bill by a majority, after a second reading.
The Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies appropriation bill, signed into law on October 16, provides significant increases for R&D spending in various U.S.