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A speech sound, such as a glide or liquid, produced by narrowing but not blocking the vocal tract, as by placing an articulator, such as the tongue, near another part of the vocal tract.
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I didn't need to know phonetics to recognize the approximant liquid of that 'or,' the plosive ga,' the fricative 'z,' or the labial, nasal sigh of the final 'um'" (171).
In this figure, a comparison is made between an ab initio potential for Ne2 molecule [13] and its Morse approximant, calculated according to the formula [14]
Appendix Table A: Wagiman orthography Labial Alveolar Retroflex Syllable-initial stop b d rd Syllable-final stop P t rt Geminate PP tt rtt Nasal m n rn Lateral i rl Tap rr Approximant w r Palatal Velar Glottal Syllable-initial stop j g h Syllable-final stop tj k h Geminate tjj kk Nasal ny ng Lateral Tap Approximant y
The stimuli used for sampling comprised a set of seven phrases consisting of obstruent consonants (six fricatives) and one constituted by the lateral approximant consonant (/l/) as described in Table 1.
is sometimes omitted and replaced by alveolar lateral approximant /l/ when the phoneme appears in final position both in the first and the second syllable
1] is the maximum local error of the approximant L, [E.
Egham (2012) had estimated 426 million sales of Smartphones worldwide in first quarter of 2013; an approximant 226 million mobile phone were sold to end-users in Asia/Pacific.
Oturanc, The differential transformation method and Pade approximant for a form of MHD Blasius flow, Mathematical and Computational Applications 16(2) (2011) 507-513.
According to the author, in the realization of tap and approximant related to the pronunciation of speakers of Degema, a language originating in Nigeria, it was not the lowering of [F.
Most speakers, however, also employ the post-alveolar approximant [[?
Based on the modeling results, the VAIS can reduce the electricity consumption by 15 -20% and increase the efficiency by approximant 20%.
4 5 6 7 Case markers that contain a full vowel or a lateral approximant have two harmonic variants.