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Noun1.apricot tree - Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peachapricot tree - Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach
genus Prunus, Prunus - a genus of shrubs and trees of the family Rosaceae that is widely distributed in temperate regions
Japanese apricot, mei, Prunus mume - Japanese ornamental tree with fragrant white or pink blossoms and small yellow fruits
common apricot, Prunus armeniaca - temperate zone tree bearing downy yellow to rosy fruits
black apricot, Prunus dasycarpa, purple apricot - small hybrid apricot of Asia and Asia Minor having purplish twigs and white flowers following by inferior purple fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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I love greatly the apricot tree which is carved on the door, with this play of words:
As I rode by, I asked for directions to get back to Dushanbe, and without hesitating the people almost pulled me off my bike and ushered me to a kat under the shade of an apricot tree with the village elders.
In Soweto, Under the Apricot Tree, places always seem to hold surprises for both the characters and the reader.
She said the two were currently on tour across the continent promoting their 2018 book releases: Hardly working- a travel memoir of sorts and Soweto under the apricot tree.
South was the town; north, the apricot Tree. It never bloomed in spring So she spent all day dreaming, sewing, But when asked she deflected, saying, "I do not care a lot." She said her mantra every hour Watched the gray land from in her tower-- Until one day there grew a flower, Then a second, then a shower Of blooms of apricot.
And it was: Beginning with an earthquake registering 4.4 on the Richter scale, shaking my house and the apricot tree, like a toddler gripping an Etch A Sketch.
The image of the apricot tree surmounting the wall invokes the well-known dictum "A red apricot protrudes over the wall" (hongxing chuqiang) that metaphorizes a married woman engaging in an illicit affair.
About putting in the apricot tree, she says, '"We were always doing something [to improve the place] (54).
Whether it's one apricot tree in the backyard or a cherry mini-orchard, growing stone fruit can be a satisfying hobby providing healthy, homegrown fruit for your family while enhancing your landscape.
The first story, "Apricot Jam," depicts an ailing young kulak man who recalls an apricot tree that grew in the yard of his family home.
([degrees]) (4) Apricot tree Prunus armeniaca+ (1) Quince tree Cydonia oblonga+ (1) Dogwood Cornus sanguinea ([degrees]) (1) Woodbine Ampelopsis sp.
Sitting high in the branches of the old apricot tree at the end of her garden Jelly contemplates the dark water of the Merri Creek beyond, its murky depths giving no clue of what is to come.