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The reason they came to me was that the council had told her she wouldn't get apriority or extra points for being a foster carer.
Zouma, 24, has made 30 Premier League appearances for theBlues since joining on loan from Chelseain August and is believed to be apriority target for Marco Silva and Marcel Brands.
He said that the issue of Jordanian detainees abroad will always be apriority for the ministry which will continue following up on their cases through all diplomatic channels.
(140.) See Bruce, supra note 137 ("Attorney General Josh Shapiro in July unveiled a new Consumer Financial Protection Unit to give Pennsylvania consumers more protection and tapped Nicholas Smyth, a CFPB veteran, to head the new office."); see also Clozel, supra note 127 (stating that the Pennsylvania unit will make apriority to focus on the four dedicated offices established in the Bureau--seniors, students, low income, and servicemembers).
Later, Mr Bhootani visited the Hub Press Club and assured journalists that their issues would be resolved on a Apriority basis.
He further said that the problem would be solved soon by taking applications or tests on apriority basis.
The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is keeping a close watch on various apriority' industries in the local manufacturing sector for possible anti-competitive practices.
Improving screening and diagnosis and broadening access to treatment should be apriority in tackling HDV in North Africa.
plans and Muscat is apriority market, government and private sector
A first step is for municipalities to make correcting the data deficit apriority. Although cities in Canada and abroad have pressed Airbnb for data about its operations, they continue to receive relatively little data, and those which they do receive are heavily processed.