apron strings

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a′pron strings`

the securing strings on an apron.
tied to someone's apron strings, dependent on or dominated by the other person: tied to his mother's apron strings.
References in classic literature ?
For not dilly-dallying and not hanging to a woman's apron strings.
He stood by her chair, leaning his elbows on her knees and twisting her apron strings in his slender fingers, while he told her his story softly in Bohemian, and the tears brimmed over and hung on his long lashes.
Jessie and Jamie, who was never far from mamma's apron string.
It's no use, Jo, he's got to learn that I'm able to take care of myself, and don't need anyone's apron string to hold on by.
Diane consolidated her good start to the month in week two, pulling into the lead with another 19 points, only Peter Rogers hanging on to her apron strings with 16 points, whilst the other three contenders dropped away in the leaders' dust.
MY HUSBAND and his mother can't seem to cut the apron strings and it feels as if she wants to replace me.
Local government should be detached from the apron strings of the state government.
Do you really want to stay tied to your mum's apron strings your whole life?
On the matter of the country's relations with America, from all indications, President Duterte is bent on pursuing an independent policy detached from America's apron strings.
Morony's inspiration for the Apron Strings Trilogy was her strong relationship with her maid and caretaker, who taught her more about life and love than anyone has since.
It's a big yes because heading off to university is not only about studying, it is about untying yourself from your parents' apron strings and starting to stand on your own two feet.
Being tied to the apron strings of mam mawr across the border does us no good at all.