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In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, one of a race of beautiful female supernatural beings that inhabit the sky, dance for the entertainment of other celestial beings, and often attempt to seduce mortal men practicing ascetism.

[Sanskrit apsarāḥ, apsaras- and apsarā : perhaps a-, not, without + *psaras, shame; akin to Avestan fšarəma-, shame (but taken in later Hindu and Buddhist tradition as if from āp, ap-, water + saras, thing that flows, lake, the Apsaras being depicted as delighting in water).]
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The figures on his left appear to be gandharvas, who abide together with the apsarases in Indra's heaven.
apsarases, raksasas, kinnaras, assamukhis, and asuras (p.
After discussing the characteristics of bhutas, pretas, pisacas, raksasas, dasyus, asuras, apsarases in his chapter on Vedic demonology, he opens his "Jain Demonology" chapter by stating: ''Apart from the Vedic gods, early Buddhism created a variety of new divinities as attendants to the Buddha .
On the walls of one room, the room most historians believe was the death chamber itself, are carved numerous apsarases.
Although Clark maintained some accuracy in the three-pointed headdress with its gold rosettes and feather patterning, he elongated the dancer's face and made her lips rather pouty, giving her a more Western appearance than in the apsarases of Angkor Wat.
The myth and origination of apsarases are far from certain, but they are among the most plentiful images carved on the walls of Angkor Wat.
Some say apsarases were a purely Khmer artistic creation added on to the Hindu churning legend.
His shanks are Dhatar and Savitar, his [four] ankles are the Gandharvas, his [four] dew-claws are the Apsarases, his [four] hoofs are Aditi.