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1. Of or relating to an apse.
2. Of or relating to an apsis.
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Adj.1.apsidal - of or relating to an apse
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Tenders are invited for Notice inviting tender for execution of work for mw(c) structural repairs to old temple with apsidal to dharmeswara temple manimangalam archaeological survey of india, chennai sub circle chen
This is known as apsidal precession, and occurs on a 112,000-year cycle.
Main Farm dates back, in part, to 1670, and even has the remains of the Roman Commandant's apsidal bath house in the garden.
Here the entire apsidal end of the church is completely covered with beautiful frescoes in remarkably good condition with a red-haired Jesus forming the centerpiece of a circular Pantokrator scene.
Tall red spire, four wooden walls, apsidal east end, neat porch.
Chapter 7 on "religious architecture" draws attention to the discovery, among others, of a temple-like apsidal mud-brick structure with fire altars at Banawali.
The chancel is short and apsidal ended, with tall traceried windows.
La linea nodal se desplaza en sentido directo (occidente a oriente) a causa de que i > 90, mientras que la linea apsidal se desplaza en sentido retrogrado ya que i > 63.
The building took one hundred and sixty-one years to complete, in part because it went through a radical alteration toward the end of the fifteenth century, when the elevation of the apsidal chapels was modified by the insertion of a dome on top of the cappella maggiore, a feature that was untypical of thirteenth-century Servite churches (Urbani, "Storia e architettura" 36).
The presence of an apsidal niche, which in all probability would have been the area reserved for the abbot at the head of the table, implies a strict hierarchy in the seating arrangements (Kostof, 1972, 51; Rodley, 1985, 247; Popovic, 1998, 302; Kalas, 2000, 40; 2009a, 157).
Other Czech amateurs have contributed significantly to studies of the apsidal motion of close binaries.
Since Correggio was, at the time, involved with more prominent parts of the cycle, such as the large apsidal scene of the Coronation of the Virgin, he would plausibly have delegated responsibility for ornament of lesser importance to his collaborators.