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1. Of or relating to an apse.
2. Of or relating to an apsis.
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Adj.1.apsidal - of or relating to an apse
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The artist's first commission (2008-2011) was for six stained glass windows, three in each of the two apsidal chapels, the Sacred Heart Chapel and St Joseph Chapel, on either side of the central axial chapel, to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the cathedral.
This is known as apsidal precession, and occurs on a 112,000-year cycle.
Main Farm dates back, in part, to 1670, and even has the remains of the Roman Commandant's apsidal bath house in the garden.
Here the entire apsidal end of the church is completely covered with beautiful frescoes in remarkably good condition with a red-haired Jesus forming the centerpiece of a circular Pantokrator scene.
Tall red spire, four wooden walls, apsidal east end, neat porch.
Yoruc Hazar, "Determination of the properties of original materials in Historical buildings; sample of apsidal construction remains at Uskudar," in Proceedings of Symposium for Protection and repair of Historical Buildings (TAYKON), pp.
He attempts to explain Moon's apsidal motion by the above relation.
Chapter 7 on "religious architecture" draws attention to the discovery, among others, of a temple-like apsidal mud-brick structure with fire altars at Banawali.
The chancel is short and apsidal ended, with tall traceried windows.