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Having no wings or winglike extensions: an apterous insect.
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1. (Zoology) (of insects) without wings, as silverfish and springtails
2. (Botany) without winglike expansions, as some plant stems, seeds, and fruits
[C18: from Greek apteros wingless, from a-1 + pteron wing]
ˈapterˌism n
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(ˈæp tər əs)

wingless: an apterous insect.
[1765–75; < Greek ápteros wingless. See a-6, -pterous]
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Adj.1.apterous - (of insects) without wingsapterous - (of insects) without wings    
wingless - lacking wings
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This hypothesis could be tested in experiments where students manipulate the order of males encountered by females (winged male first, apterous male second; apterous male first, winged male second).
Fifty maize plants in the two central rows of each plot were inoculated at the three- to five-leaf stage on 22 May 1995, 28 May 1996, and 26 May 1997 by transferring five to ten apterous virus-infected aphids with a fine paintbrush.
Males are winged but females are apterous. After mating, eggs are laid on the twigs.
A colony was established with apterous adult females (biotype 1) collected in 2007 from commercial soybeans near the University of Nebraska, Haskell Agricultural Laboratory (Dixon County, Concord, Nebraska, USA) (42.3841[degrees]N, 96.9891[degrees]W).
Females practically apterous (minute tegminal lobes, hardly visible looking from behind under pronotum).
Thorax not widened posteriorly, greatest width of thorax less than half of median length; pronotal lobe short, extending posteriorly over mesonotum, metanoturn exposed, scutellum exposed; without any trace of wing pads in apterous form, macropterous wings with 2 longitudinal veins and two cross veins, Sc and C separated on basal one fourth (Fig.
Apterous adult viruliferous aphids were removed and used to infest experimental plants.
In laboratory choice tests we examined the preference of apterous (nonwinged) adult aphids for healthy oats and oats infected with PAV and MAV (A.
ramosa by larvae and adult apterous females of a secondary-host generation of S.
The other 9 African catantopine genera possessing this feature are mostly large apterous forest floor leaf-litter dwellers from W.