aqua vitae

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aqua vi·tae

Strong distilled alcohol, especially a strong liquor such as whiskey or brandy.

[Middle English aqua vite, from Medieval Latin aqua vītae; see aquavit.]

aqua vitae

(ˈviːtaɪ; ˈvaɪtiː)
(Brewing) an archaic name for brandy
[Medieval Latin: water of life]

aq′ua vi′tae

(ˈvaɪ ti, ˈvi taɪ)
a strong alcoholic liquor, as brandy or whiskey.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin: water of life]
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Noun1.aqua vitae - strong distilled liquor or brandyaqua vitae - strong distilled liquor or brandy  
booze, hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, liquor, spirits, strong drink - an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
References in classic literature ?
The caches were again opened, supplies of various kinds taken out, and a liberal allowance of aqua vitae distributed throughout the camp, to celebrate with proper conviviality this merry meeting.
He had found time to open the corner cupboard and bring out a great case bottle of aqua vitae, and now sat with his back towards me at the table.
Many a cigar had been smoked within his premises--many a glass of wine, or more potent aqua vitae, had been quaffed--many a dinner had been eaten by curious strangers, who, save for the fortunate conjunction of Mr.
All the first night we spent in mixing up some combustible matter, with aqua vitae, gunpowder, and such other materials as we could get; and having a good quantity of tar in a little pot, about an hour after night we set out upon our expedition.
One version of the drink listed in a 17th and 18th century manuscript recipe book required two quarts of aqua vitae, infused with damask rose water, white sugar, raisins and ambergris - a substance produced in the digestive systems of whales.
There is a usual drink made thereof with aqua vitae and spices frequently and without any offence or danger but to good purpose used in qualms and passions of the heart'.
Weve had MSc students carrying out research on projects for us from Aqua Vitae to Wild Yeasts and everything in between.
The name is simply the Gaelic word for "water," but is shortened from uisge beatha, which means "water of life," aqua vitae in Latin or vodka in Russian.
And members of the hotel's Aqua Vitae spa lost no time giving them a helping hand.
The perfumes I have on my dresser right now areA| HermAA"s un Jardin sur le Nil, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae and my everyday staple since forever, Lanvin Eclat d'ArpAA"ge.
The religious Pilgrims didn't condone wild partying, frivolity or excessive drinking of either beer -- the most popular beverage of the time -- or aqua vitae, a strong liquor made from distilling wine or beer.