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 (ăk′wə-kŭl′chər, ä′kwə-) also aq·ui·cul·ture (ăk′wĭ-, ä′kwĭ-)
The cultivation of marine or freshwater organisms, especially food fish or shellfish such as salmon or oysters, under controlled conditions. Also called aquafarming.

aq′ua·cul′tur·al adj.
aq′ua·cul′tur·ist n.
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related to aquaculture
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Adj.1.aquacultural - of or relating to aquicultureaquacultural - of or relating to aquiculture; "aquacultural methods"; "hydroponic lettuce"
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Paddlefish: Ecological, Aquacultural, and Regulatory Challenges of Managing a Global Resource
'That the Kenya Fisheries Service works with Aquacultural Association of Kenya as the farmers' representative body and the Fish Cooperative Society,' the letter states.
Shrimp farms and other aquacultural development--sometimes replacing mangrove forests that protected against storm surges--have also caused significant erosion to the coastline nearest the capital.
Shrimp farms and other aquacultural development -- sometimes replacing mangrove forests that protected against storm surges -- have also caused significant erosion to the coastline nearest the capital.
Aquaculture refers to raising fish and shellfish to sell as food and for other uses, such as ornamental and bait fish- Aquacultural engineers concentrate on increasing production while decreasing costs and environmental impacts.
Despite rapid urbanization and suburbanization, Laguna de Bay still flourishes as a center for agricultural and aquacultural activities.
Our system allows saving feed during feeding time and ensures that all the fish have time to eat, making aquacultural facilities more economically profitable as well as more sustainable.
Bellingham Technical College's Perry Center for Fisheries and Aquacultural Science was recently awarded LEED Silver Certification.
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Ee Farmer Ee BLS job description: Plan, direct, or coordinate the management or operation of farms, ranches, greenhouses, aquacultural operations, nurseries, timber tracts, or other agricultural establishments.Ee Median salary: $69,300 Expected change in employment by 2022: -19% Why it's disappearing: Technological advances allow current farmers to accomplish the same tasks with fewer workers.
The two largest occupations, farmworkers and laborers, crop, nursery, and greenhouse; and farmworkers, farm, ranch, and aquacultural animals, which directly relate to the major economic activity of the sector, dominated employment in the agricultural sector, thus affecting its mean, median, and percentile wages.