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 (ăk′wə-kŭl′chər, ä′kwə-) also aq·ui·cul·ture (ăk′wĭ-, ä′kwĭ-)
The cultivation of marine or freshwater organisms, especially food fish or shellfish such as salmon or oysters, under controlled conditions. Also called aquafarming.

aq′ua·cul′tur·al adj.
aq′ua·cul′tur·ist n.
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a person who practises aquaculture
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Sa tagal na 'yun, hindi nalinisan 'yung bottom niya [at] tumaas ang ammonia," BFAR-CAR chief aquaculturist Lois Fermin said.
The Anda and Bolinao governments were sent red tide advisories by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) on Saturday (April 27) after bio-assay tests confirmed the presence of toxins generated by algal blooms, said Remely Lachica, senior aquaculturist of the BFAR Ilocos regional office.
Felicitas Paraggua, senior aquaculturist and head of the project, said the researches would be done on benchmark information on ludong ndash sexual maturity and environmental parameters needed to breed and maintain the species in captivity.
--Group A includes the lease of sea area (Government fees), and the market premium fees that have to be paid as rent for a sea area to another aquaculturist who possess that permission.
Mortality at that time was estimated by one aquaculturist to be 10%-20%.
Sample jobs selected included veterinary assistant, cattle ranch manager, florist, biotechnologist, welder, salesperson, FFA camp manager, aquaculturist, social media director, engine mechanic, Congressional lobbyist, and agriculture economist.
When he's not putting smiles on faces as a dentist in Lincoln, Nebraska, he's busy as an aquaculturist breeding bluegills and sharing his love for the species with like-minded anglers on his website
Fascinated by the statements of marine aquaculturist Daniel Benetti, Schonwald also explored "the seafood of the future." Benetti made bold claims that he had found "the next big fish," cobia.
Schonwald, an avid aquaculturist who has written on food issues for The New York Times and Salon examines the state of food production in the world today and explores the ways in which technology and current movements towards local and sustainable production will influence the food of tomorrow.
Shri Ramesh Majhi urged CIFA to serve as centre of excellence in research and extension of freshwater aquaculture and aquaculturist to provide plans to ensure development of freshwater aquaculture to feed the billion.
Ceres aquaculturist Ned Gaine has jacked up the carbon dioxide levels in the Ceres aquaculture facility to 3,000 parts per million, increasing the thickness of the duckweed leaves from about one-eighth or one-quarter inch to one inch.