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 (ăk′wē, ä′kwī′)
A plural of aqua.
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Farinam in mortarium indito, aquae paulatim addito, subigitoque pulchre.
It's celebrated for not only its Roman remains, such as the Temple of Sulis Minerva and the baths complex surrounding Aquae Sulis, but for its later architecture, in particular the neoclassical Palladian buildings built in the 18th century.
28It's famous for its water (and buns), but what is the West Country city the Romans knew as Aquae Sulis called today?
Or she may have possessed healing powers, like other Celtic goddesses whose names are known, like Coventina, Arnemetia and Sulis, who lent her name to Aquae Sulis, Roman Bath.
Aquae Sulis Investments proposed changes to the property in Park Street, Farnworth, included increasing the number of bedrooms to eight, and creating a shared kitchen/dining room area.
History buffs will be in their element on a trip to the mineral baths of Aquae Calidae ('hot waters' in Latin), one of the largest thermal bath sites in the world.
La captacion y canalizacion: aquae ductus y castellum aquae
Resorts known today as Bath (former Aquae Sulis) or Baden Baden (former Aurelia Aquensis) became famous because of the royal support and the frequent visits from celebrities of that time.
Aigue Marine DMCC , the parent company for Gearbox ( ) and Aquae Jewels ( ), implemented NetSuite when it launched the Gearbox business, an ecommerce business that offers a rent, try and buy service for cameras, camera and video equipment.