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 (ăk′wə-mə-nī′lē, ä′kwə-mə-nē′lā)
n. pl. aq·ua·ma·ni·les (-nī′lēz, -nē′lās) or aq·ua·ma·ni·li·a (-nĭl′ē-ə)
A vessel, often in the shape of an animal, used to pour water over the hands, especially in ritual cleansing.

[Medieval Latin aquaemanīle, aquamanīle, alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin manus, hand) of Latin aquimināle, wash-basin, variant of earlier aquae mānāle aquae manāle (form uncertain) : aquae, genitive of aqua, water; see akw in Indo-European roots + probably mānāle, ewer (from neuter of mānālis, flowing : mānāre, to trickle, flow + -ālis, adjectival suffix).]
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(ˌækwəməˈnaɪliː; ˌækwəməˈniːliː) (ˌækwəməˈneɪliː) or


a medieval water vessela basin used by a Roman Catholic priest to wash his hands during Mass
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