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 (ăk′wə-rĕl′, ä′kwə-)
A painting done in transparent watercolors.

[French, from obsolete Italian acquarella, water color, diminutive of acqua, water, from Latin aqua; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots.]

aq′ua·rel′list n.
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1. (Art Terms) a method of watercolour painting in transparent washes
2. (Art Terms) a painting done in this way
[C19: from French]
ˌaquaˈrellist n
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(ˌæk wəˈrɛl, ˌɑ kwə-)

a drawing using transparent watercolors.
[1865–70; < French < Italian acquarella (now obsolete) watercolor < Latin aquār(ius) of water (see aquarium) + Italian -ella -elle]
aq`ua•rel′list, n.
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"A Native Noble of Manila" and "A Woman of Manila" aquarelles by Damian Domingo It is a troubling matter, however, to have two versions written a week apart: one contends that Aguinaldo had commuted Bonifacio's death sentence to exile but the change of his orders had arrived too late.
Two paintings by Claude Moufarege depict gloomy rooftops, contrasting vividly next to Maha Nasrallah's 38 aquarelles, rendered in sunny, pastel watercolors and pen.
"Spleen", ultima de las Ariettes oubliees, para voz y piano, compuesta en 1888, esta basada en un poema de Verlaine y catalogada por el propio Debussy como la segunda de sus "Aquarelles".
Once in a while you want to paint large expansive strokes on a large canvas and for me that is the opera stage, but I also love to paint aquarelles and miniatures and that is [possible inj the intimate world of the recital with its emphasis on word painting and story-telling." Then, with a shrug of her shoulders and a staccato laugh she observes, "...
[beaucoup moins que] Il m'arrive de rester plusieurs jours sans toucher un pinceau comme il m'arrive de realiser deux a trois aquarelles par jour [beaucoup plus grand que], dira l'artiste.
Aguilar Alcuaz, declared National Artist of Visual Art in 2009, demonstrates the distinctiveness of watercolor in creating transparencies in a Italo-French technique called aquarelle, in his exhibition Abstract Aquarelles.
Normand-Romain, Antoinette Le & Buley-Uribe, Christina (2006) Auguste Rodin Dessins et aquarelles. France: Editions Hazan.
Also present were works made by individual artists, among them Dachi Cole's Aquarelles in Motion, six tablet computers displaying a psychedelic loop of rapidly moving forms veiling and unveiling one another--performing the visual language of a science-fiction world, perhaps.
She was equally commanding in Robin Walker's Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep, from his Aquarelles. Sarah Dacey, a member of the critically-acclaimed vocal ensemble Juice, joined Hammond to sing O'Regan's My House I Say and a highly amusing and entertaining piece called Worry/Don't Worry.