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 (ăk′wə, ä′kwə)
n. pl. aq·uae (ăk′wē, ä′kwī′) or aq·uas
1. Water.
2. An aqueous solution.
3. A light bluish green to light greenish blue.

[Middle English, from Latin; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots.]

aq′ua adj.


n, pl aquae (ˈækwiː) or aquas
(Pharmacology) water: used in compound names of certain liquid substances (as in aqua regia) or solutions of substances in water (as in aqua ammoniae), esp in the names of pharmacological solutions
(Colours) short for aquamarine2
[Latin: water]


(ˈæk wə, ˈɑ kwə)

n., pl. aq•uae (ˈæk wi, ˈɑ kwi)
1. Chiefly Pharm.
a. water.
b. a liquid.
c. a solution, esp. in water.
2. a light greenish blue color.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: water]


var. of aqui-.
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Noun1.aqua - a shade of blue tinged with greenaqua - a shade of blue tinged with green  
blue, blueness - blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"


n (= colour) → bleu vert m inv
adj (in colour)bleu vert inv


n. L. agua;
aq. abr.;
___ bull, ___ bulliens___ hirviendo;
___ dest., ___ destillata,___ destilada;
___ purifiedpurificada ___;
tepid ______ tépida, tibia.
V.: water.
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The stunning hand-processed, black-and-white 16-mm CinemaScope employed in Rivers's beach sequence departs sharply from the saturated ochers and aquas of Dawood's film but closely recalls Portabella's high-contrast cinematography.
In New York it focused on Luxe Lodge, an extension of the woodland creatures and lodge motifs with an added dose of luxurious textures and finishes; a Watercolors presentation of soft aquas and blues combined with natural materials; an assortment of wall art featuring catchy sayings and wry observations (a category that remains strong, according to president Tom Gottlieb); and a football theme that is seasonal but not team-specific and focused on giftables.
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