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 (ăk′wə-tĭnt′, ä′kwə-)
1. A process of etching capable of producing several tones by varying the etching time of different areas of a copper plate so that the resulting print resembles the flat tints of an ink or wash drawing.
2. An etching made by this process.

[French aquatinte, from Italian acquatinta : acqua, water (from Latin aqua; see aqua) + tinta, dyed (from Latin tincta, feminine past participle of tingere, to dye).]

aq′ua·tint′ v.
aq′ua·tint′er, aq′ua·tint′ist n.
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(ˈækwəˌtɪnt) (ˌækwəˈtɪntə) or


1. (Art Terms) a technique of etching copper with acid to produce an effect resembling the flat tones of wash or watercolour. The tone or tint is obtained by acid (aqua) biting through the pores of a ground that only partially protects the copper
2. (Art Terms) an etching made in this way
(Art Terms) (tr) to etch (a block, etc) in aquatint
[C18: from Italian acqua tinta: dyed water]
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(ˈæk wəˌtɪnt, ˈɑ kwə-)

1. a process imitating the broad flat tints of ink or wash drawings in which a microscopic crackle is etched on the copperplate intended for printing.
2. an etching produced by aquatint.
[1775–85; variant of aqua-tinta < Italian acqua tinta literally, tinted water]
aq′ua•tint`er, aq′ua•tint`ist, n.
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Past participle: aquatinted
Gerund: aquatinting

I aquatint
you aquatint
he/she/it aquatints
we aquatint
you aquatint
they aquatint
I aquatinted
you aquatinted
he/she/it aquatinted
we aquatinted
you aquatinted
they aquatinted
Present Continuous
I am aquatinting
you are aquatinting
he/she/it is aquatinting
we are aquatinting
you are aquatinting
they are aquatinting
Present Perfect
I have aquatinted
you have aquatinted
he/she/it has aquatinted
we have aquatinted
you have aquatinted
they have aquatinted
Past Continuous
I was aquatinting
you were aquatinting
he/she/it was aquatinting
we were aquatinting
you were aquatinting
they were aquatinting
Past Perfect
I had aquatinted
you had aquatinted
he/she/it had aquatinted
we had aquatinted
you had aquatinted
they had aquatinted
I will aquatint
you will aquatint
he/she/it will aquatint
we will aquatint
you will aquatint
they will aquatint
Future Perfect
I will have aquatinted
you will have aquatinted
he/she/it will have aquatinted
we will have aquatinted
you will have aquatinted
they will have aquatinted
Future Continuous
I will be aquatinting
you will be aquatinting
he/she/it will be aquatinting
we will be aquatinting
you will be aquatinting
they will be aquatinting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been aquatinting
you have been aquatinting
he/she/it has been aquatinting
we have been aquatinting
you have been aquatinting
they have been aquatinting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been aquatinting
you will have been aquatinting
he/she/it will have been aquatinting
we will have been aquatinting
you will have been aquatinting
they will have been aquatinting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been aquatinting
you had been aquatinting
he/she/it had been aquatinting
we had been aquatinting
you had been aquatinting
they had been aquatinting
I would aquatint
you would aquatint
he/she/it would aquatint
we would aquatint
you would aquatint
they would aquatint
Past Conditional
I would have aquatinted
you would have aquatinted
he/she/it would have aquatinted
we would have aquatinted
you would have aquatinted
they would have aquatinted
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An engraving method producing fine-grain tonal areas rather than lines. invented mid eighteenth century and popular in the next century for reproducing watercolors. The tone ground is first etched on the plate, then acid-resistant designs are drawn on before further etching.
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Noun1.aquatint - an etching made by a process that makes it resemble a water coloraquatint - an etching made by a process that makes it resemble a water color
etching - an impression made from an etched plate
2.aquatint - a method of etching that imitates the broad washes of a water color
engraving, etching - making engraved or etched plates and printing designs from them
Verb1.aquatint - etch in aquatint
artistic creation, artistic production, art - the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
etch - make an etching of; "He etched her image into the surface"
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[ˈækwətɪnt] Nacuatinta f
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nAquatinta f
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"David Le Grange's etching, Wessex Saddleback, combines the techniques of line etching with aquatint to produce a beautiful range of tones in his lovely portrait of a pig," says Ford.
Without Paula Rego's untitled aquatint, for example, we respond to the tired maxim of having some cross or other to bear and snicker appropriately at a character determined to "ditch the blunted beam / in some passing alley or well // where God won't look."
In the first chapter, 'Raffles' History of Java, its precursors and its peers', Tiffin introduces Raffles' reign during the British interregnum in Java (1811-16) and maps the processes through which Javanese ruins were drawn by amateurs and then reproduced as aquatint prints by professional artists back in Britain.
Challenged by his declaration that 'No European could do that', she determined to try, using drypoint and aquatint rather than woodblock and inking her own plates.
Other artists have used the theme as a starting point, employing a range of techniques including etching, aquatint, drypoint, relief, chine-colle, mono print and gel print.
Softground etching, aquatint, and drypoint on laid paper; 5.62" x 5.68".
Zaira Ahmed Zaka has used etching, aquatint in an impressive way to present her impressions of the story Baghair Ijazat.
Featured is a big and bold work on paper-a large-scale and expressive hand-painted sugar-lift aquatint from 12 copper plates.
In The Disasters of War on Terror, the artists introduce cartoonish cats, teddy bears, and frogs--heroes known from their earlier works--and cover several scenes with white dots mimicking snow (Goya achieved a similar effect in several of his prints by using powdered resin during the aquatint process).
Also included are two versions of a well-known etching from 1999, titled Crowned Head, with green and red aquatint. Here the artist has depicted a face that is turned outwards as well as inwards, highlighting the dualities between our inner and outer worlds.
James Gillray, The Gout (published by Hannah Humphrey), hand- colored etching and aquatint, 1799.
Molsri Key Saaye Taley, Photo-Etching, Aquatint and Open-Bite, 38 x 28 cm