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A strong clear Scandinavian liquor distilled from potato or grain mash and flavored with caraway seed.

[Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian akvavit, from Medieval Latin aqua vītae, highly distilled spirits : Latin aqua, water; see aqua + Latin vītae, genitive of vīta, life; see vital.]


(Brewing) a grain- or potato-based spirit from the Scandinavian countries, flavoured with aromatic seeds and spices, esp caraway. Also called: akvavit
[from Scandinavian; see aqua vitae]


(ˈɑ kwəˌvit, ˈæk wə-)

a dry Scandinavian liquor flavored with caraway seeds.
[1885–90; < Dan, Swedish, Norwegian akvavit,aquavit < Latin; see aqua vitae]
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Noun1.aquavit - Scandinavian liquor usually flavored with caraway seeds
caraway seed - aromatic seeds of the caraway plant; used widely as seasoning
booze, hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, liquor, spirits, strong drink - an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
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Served with amber glasses of aquavit, we start with corrugated curls of butter on brittle, nutty crackerbreads before being presented with wedges of barely grainy, pale pink skrei roe.
Healthcare company company Aquavit Pharmaceuticals said on Friday that it has been given approval by IRB to conduct an in-depth research for microchannel application of neurotoxins in the peri-orbital region (IMT-121), called iMicrotox IMX-001 study.
Day Drinking includes some no-alcohol drink recipes, as well as forays into cocktail history; a primer on common low-alcohol bases; sidebars on the more unusual and exotic ingredients such as Lillet, Calvados, yuzu, aquavit and Benedictine.
This month, Aquavit, which delivers a contemporary take on Nordic cuisine, with menus developed by chefs Henrik Ritzen of Aquavit London, and Emma Bengtsson of the two-Michelin-starred Aquavit New York.
From Michelin-starred restaurant Aquavit to operators such as Faucet Inn introducing the Swedish concept, 'fika'--a social coffee break--into its pubs.
The product portfolio includes several pioneering brands including the grain to glass Westward Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, Krogstad Aquavit, and Volstead Vodka.
The Red Rooster, Marcus Samuelsson's thriving restaurant in the heart of Harlem, seems a far cry from his svelte Scandi- navian restaurant, Aquavit, but both are products of Samuelsson's unique culinary genius.
During her career as a chef, Leila has worked at several well known restaurants including Aquavit in New York, Operakallaren and Fredsgatan 12 in Stockholm.
Cruise highlights u Calls at Dundee, Warnemunde and Tallinn u Finnish capital Helsinki u Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen u Spend two days in St Petersburg u Stockholm, a collection of tiny islets u Jutland port Aalborg is home of aquavit u Traditional British & International cuisine, stylish entertainment, guest lecturers on-board leisure facilities u 14 nights' full board accommodation board Magellan Majestic Fjordland 8 days from PS939 3 Aug, 9 & 16 Sept 2017 Join Magellan as she sails from Tyneside to see the glorious ords of Western Norway at their spectacular best, with unforgettable cruising through still waters.
Anyone reading the classified hatches, matches and despatches in the Aftenposten paper may have choked on their aquavit when they read the following death notice: "Our dear Olausen Julenisse (Santa), born December 12, 1788, left us December 3, 2015 at Nordkapp (Norway's northernmost municipality).