arachnoid membrane

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Noun1.arachnoid membrane - the middle of the 3 meninges
meninges, meninx - a membrane (one of 3) that envelops the brain and spinal cord
leptomeninges - the two innermost layers of the meninges; cerebrospinal fluid circulates between these innermost layers
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The arachnoid membrane across the sylvian fissure could clearly be seen in the proximal fissure, but distally, over the aneurysm, it was obliterated by the thick thrombus surrounding the fundus of a large bi-lobed aneurysm at the middle cerebral artery (MCA) bifurcation.
A 7 mm incision to a rabbit's inferior vena cava can be fatal, but by applying nanosheets to the bleeding area, we succeeded in quick hemostasis in all the rabbits (wounds to the lungs, digestive tract and the brain's arachnoid membrane can also be simply covered by applying nanosheets).
The prefilled syringes reportedly are designed to cut down on preparation time and make it easier for patients on intrathecal (when a drug is introduced under the arachnoid membrane of the brain or spinal cord) Baclofen therapy.