arachnoid membrane

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Noun1.arachnoid membrane - the middle of the 3 meninges
meninges, meninx - a membrane (one of 3) that envelops the brain and spinal cord
leptomeninges - the two innermost layers of the meninges; cerebrospinal fluid circulates between these innermost layers
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Unique in design, the Microsurgical instrument portfolio offers highly-specialised solutions for neurosurgeons, including blades designed for cutting Dura Mater and Arachnoid Membrane, in addition to other brain tissues.
After the incision, because both the arachnoid membrane and the cyst wall were densely adhering to the inner dura layer, CSF and the cyst content leaked out unexpectedly.
Acquired ASM develops due to proceeding enlargement of the dura mater and arachnoid membrane that can or cannot result from connective tissue disorders (8).
The dura mater is too thin to be resolved by imaging in most cases [4], and the location of the arachnoid membrane can only be inferred based upon the pattern of contrast distribution.
An arachnoid cyst is a benign congenital extracerebral mass that contains CSF surrounded by the arachnoid membrane [14].
SWAN was more sensitive than FIESTA for revealing the cyst wall in this case, albeit indirectly, by detecting hemosiderin deposits on the cyst wall, and this may have been because the cyst wall was in close contact with the arachnoid membrane.
Arachnoid granulations represent growths of arachnoid membrane into the dural sinuses through which CSF enters the venous system [1] and are macroscopically visible [2].