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Noun1.arbitration clause - a clause in a contract providing for arbitration of disputes arising under the contractarbitration clause - a clause in a contract providing for arbitration of disputes arising under the contract
clause, article - a separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will)
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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If an employees contract or employee handbook includes a forced arbitration clause, the employee is likely to have signed away his or her right to a jury trial whether or not they are aware of the clause.
Thani noted that the arbitration clause of a contract remains applicable even if the contract is cancelled.
And in the event that a party resorts to court, the other party may maintain that the lawsuit shall be revoked due to the arbitration clause.
Gaynor claimed it was irrelevant whether the contract was going to be carried out in the DIFC or not, because the arbitration clause was a separate agreement that was to be performed at the seat and not necessarily where the rest of the contract was to be performed.
61) The Concepcions sought to challenge a term in an arbitration clause that prevented them from forming a class to participate in arbitration with AT&T.
Defendants NHMC and KGLI-NM argued for the dismissal of the case as the parties should instead resolve their dispute through arbitration following the arbitration clause in their agreement.
The FAA provides that when a dispute involves a contract that has a written arbitration clause, a court must, upon motion, stay litigation so that the dispute can go to arbitration.
The Barrow family was precluded from bringing the case to court due to an arbitration clause in Ms.
17) Part V suggests alternative regulation that is consistent with the Arbitration Study, and challenges FIs to consider an opt-in pre-dispute arbitration clause.
Additionally, Part II will explore the history of an arbitration clause in a contract, the development of the terms of use agreements policies on the Internet and Finally, children using social media sites.