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Adj.1.Arborary - of or relating to or formed by treesarborary - of or relating to or formed by trees; "an arborous roof"
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The council needs to assess the impact upon the environment and the road safety of all, once large construction plant is allowed to trail the current country lanes and the notoriously dangerous crossroads on Arborary Lane, as well as other crossings.
It said the new quarry at the firm's Moor End South site would be worked progressively in stages over a 20-year period with all stone extracted transported via Arborary Lane to the nearby works located off Blackmoorfoot Road for processing to provide architectural and building products.
Johnsons Wellfield wants to create a new 22-hectare site on farmland to the east of Arborary Lane in South Crosland to mine sandstone.
(WHITEHEAD LANE, MELTHAM/MADGIN LANE, SOUTH CROSLAND, HUDDERSFIELD) (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF TRAFFIC) ORDER 2015 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the Borough of Kirklees by reason of works proposed to be carried out on or near the road has made an Order the effect of which will be that no person shall cause or permit any vehicle to proceed in that length of Whitehead Lane, Meltham/ Madgin Lane, South Crosland from its junction with Arborary Lane to its junction with Midway PROVIDED THAT such prohibition shall not extend to vehicles being used in connection with the works to be carried out on or near the closed length of road or to vehicles requiring access up to the point(s) of the closure.
Alternative routes for vehicles affected by the closure will be available via the unaffected length of Harrison Lane, Arborary Lane, Black Lane, Blackmoorfoot Road (Blackmoorfoot), Blackmoorfoot Road (Meltham), Slades Lane and vice versa.
Prosecutor Linda Fowler told the court the defendant admitted he had not seen the stop sign or the warning sign located 100 yard prior to the junction with Arborary Lane.
Six people were taken to hospital on Saturday after the two-car crash in Arborary Lane.
"The people who did come gave us some amazing feedback." Saturday's event, off Arborary Lane, featured 80 acts on six stages.