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 (är′bər-ĭ-kŭl′chər, är-bôr′ĭ-)
The planting and care of woody plants, especially trees.

ar′bo·ri·cul′tur·al adj.
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The purpose of this procurement is to maintain the arboricultural heritage, Namely, Curtain size, Thinning size, Felling, Wound protection, Crown cleaning, Stump removal and trimming.
Arboricultural consultancy Cheshire Woodlands has prepared a study on the trees at the site Bangor Civic Society were against the previous proposal.
He added: "We are looking at co-working with horticultural and arboricultural organisations.
He has also been an active participant in the Walpole Island Forest Regeneration Project where he gained experience in the Arboricultural field.
A detailed arboricultural health and safety survey was carried out on the riverbanks which identified trees that posed a risk to the safety of visitors.
Many people move into this job after getting experience as a groundworker or a general arboricultural worker.
Clint Parker, the county council's arboricultural officer, said: "The trees, which are young Fastigiata, had not taken root properly, mainly because of the recent bad weather.
Then on Sunday, Malcolm Frazer, the former Parks Arboricultural Officer, will take the group around the park, pointing out the trees of interest.
But Gareth Hale, arboricultural officer for the Lichfield Council, said reputable companies would employ such tactics.
Call in the pros to prune branches you can't reach (members of Arboricultural Association www.
After contacting his insurance company, arboricultural consultants checked his drains and foundations - where they diagnosed the tree as the problem.
They may also be known as consultant arboriculturists, arboricultural officers or tree officers.