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Noun1.Arboriculturist - someone trained in forestryarboriculturist - someone trained in forestry    
farmer, granger, husbandman, sodbuster - a person who operates a farm
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Paolo Bavaresco, a chartered arboriculturist from Garndolbenmaen, warned that future generations may rarely ever see fully mature trees.
Gusthart's can meet all the needs of the professional arboriculturist and horticulturalist, offering an efficient, friendly sales and maintenance/repair service.
Arboriculturist Mark Lawrence is advising local horticulturists on the care and pruning of around 250 trees before they are moved to the capital's Mushrif Park.
As a tree surgeon (also known as a arborist or arboriculturist), your duties would primarily include street or park tree pruning and removals.
As part of the commitment to create an environmentally-friendly development, the Trust is working with an arboriculturist to ensure many of the trees on the site are preserved.
It is with great regret we will have to lose the two large sycamore trees, they have been declared unsafe by the council arboriculturist consultant and will have to be felled.
Less than three months later he has secured a position as an arboriculturist working across Birmingham.
The 15 acres of pleasure grounds really are a treat for any Arboriculturist with plantings, from the 17th and 18th Century, including Giant Redwoods, Bhutan Pines, Yews, Cedar and many great specimens of Beech and Oak including a hollow Sessile Oak 24 feet in girth and some 500 years old.
Finally, Mr Broad asks if there is "an independent tree specialist who would like to inspect these trees on behalf of the citizens of Cardiff?" The trees in Bute Park are routinely surveyed by the council's own qualified and very experienced arboricultural officer and the trees within the planning application for the bridge were further surveyed by an independent arboriculturist in 2008.
The borough council has now sent an arboriculturist to investigate whether the works have affected any of the 36 trees on the site that are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.
For information on BTS or retraining as a tree surgeon or arboriculturist, visit the careers section at