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intr.v. ar·bo·rized, ar·bo·riz·ing, ar·bo·riz·es
To have or produce branching formations, as the bronchial tubes of the lungs.

[From Latin arbor, tree.]


(ˈɑːbəˌraɪz) or


to give, or take on, a treelike branched appearanceto produce treelike branched formations
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Verb1.arborize - branch out like treesarborize - branch out like trees; "nerve fibers arborize"
furcate, branch, fork, ramify, separate - divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork; "The road forks"
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In UPUMP, the narrow mucosal folds should not arborize or branch, and "free-floating" cross-sections of fibrovascular cores should be rare or altogether absent.
There is nothing trivial about explanations that illuminate the way basic biological dispositions arborize into our most complex and refined cultural practices.
Additionally, the affected propriospinal neurons arborize on lumbar motoneurons so that the detoured corticospinal signals reach their original targets [22].