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intr.v. ar·bo·rized, ar·bo·riz·ing, ar·bo·riz·es
To have or produce branching formations, as the bronchial tubes of the lungs.

[From Latin arbor, tree.]
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At P7, the MLCs were further extended and arborized (Figure 1, D3).
Two of them were treated with the diagnosis of fistulous sinus pilonidalis, whereas pyodermia and perianal arborized fistula was set as a diagnosis in 3 and 1 patient, respectively.
The diagnosis is based on pure high-attenuating material in a generally symmetric and bilateral vascular distribution, arborized, if extensive, and supported by the presence of droplets in the right side of the heart or in other vascular beds.
After implantation, angiogenic-vasculogenic processes promote formation of the highly arborized labyrinth vascular bed [72].